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Welcome to Amanita Blund

We believe in caring for our children´s future, to teach them how to live a more sustainable life and ultimately to love and respect our precious planet and each other. 

All our products are pre-loved and carefully selected. Some are perfect essentials for a mini person already when we find them and some are botanically dyed with lots of love, making every piece unique. 

We don´t care so much about brands, instead we focus on materials and quality. We want our items to be happily used and hopefully handed down to a smaller friend when they´re grown out of. 

All dyes are natural, made with leftovers from making pomegranate lemonade or with flowers picked on our daily walks in the suburbs of Stockholm or in the countryside of Dalarna.

How to take care of your new item

All products are hand dyed with natural extracts, which makes the colours sensitive to regular washing powder. Please steam or hand wash if possible. Always use a mild natural detergent or soap (I prefer Dr Bronners All-in-one). When machine washed a lot, the dye will eventually fade.